5 Things You Need To Know Before Designing A Website

A website is the first impression of your business online. The design has a potential to enhance traffic and generate new opportunities. Web designers should work with utmost focus, and make sure that each and every aspect is kept in mind while creating a website. Therefore, prior to beginning any work or take any task in your hands; there are few essential things you need to know. These five point information stands at par for a solid start in the web designing process.


1) The purpose of the website: If you are hiring a freelance designer or an agency, then let your web designer know your purpose behind web designing. With the help of a central idea behind creating a site, a designer can build an effective website that conveys, enlarging your business online. Just in case, if your website deals with building brand awareness, the initial step will be to form attractive brands that stays in every heart.


2) Share competitor websites: Giving the list of competitors will help your designer to understand your company, project and work in a much clearer way. They can review a competitor site, make notes of what will work for your company and what will not, how interesting it can be made, and accordingly work to design and present your business in a sassy way.


3) The content of website: The content and web designing goes hand in hand while a website is being created. Therefore, let the designer know what kind of content you will be adding, either it will be in a simple language or you will get it done by the professional writers to make it read stylish and expressive. The website design and its content relevancy should match appropriately, in order to let the readers understand the business objectives.


4) User friendly design: It is the complexity of using website elements. User friendliness is a prime factor that compels a user to stay for long. A viewer re-visits the website, if his previous session on the website was less complex. A website owner thus should inform the designer about the elements that he thinks is suitable for his audience so that the he can simplify the design technically.


5) Talk about the budget: Building an effective website that is built using the latest web technologies demands time and money. Discuss budget with your web designing team beforehand so that the design is not compromised at later stages of the designing cycle.


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2 thoughts on “5 Things You Need To Know Before Designing A Website

  1. Gregory Willardsays

    My friend is getting ready to design the website for his company, and he wasn’t sure what he needed to know beforehand. I think it’s a great idea to make is as user friendly as possible. I know that there have been a few websites that I just could not figure out.

  2. Subash Sarkarsays

    One of the most important thing is to have speaking url’s. Instead of having url’s like “www.yoursitename.com/8547web%20design”, make your url like “www.yoursitename.com/web-design”


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