19 Actionable E-commerce Website Features to Achieve Online Shoppers

In this era of rising E-commerce popularity, many are tempted to increase sales of their website. However, in this cutting-edge competition to overcome competitive challenges is difficult. Various trends became a part of the popular E-commerce culture. Distinct elements and features can strengthen the performance of your site. Those E-Commerce websites that are striving to attract customers must add unique website features to gain the biggest positioning in the eyes of your online shoppers.

  1. Rich Media – Rich media consist of high-resolution photos and rich videos to grab user’s attention. 73% of Online Shoppers who watch a video of the product are likely to buy it. Video gives a real view of the product, brands and enables better user understanding. It will automatically boost website traffic.
    Rich Media
  2. Ease to Use The website should be flexible and have easy-to-understand navigation to boost purchases. Focus on enriching the user experience and always build a better experience than your competitors.
  3. Mobile-friendly website – According to the sources, Mobile E-commerce business achieves 67% of revenues as compared with Desktop which made only 41% of revenue. The site owners must strive to build a better seamless cross-device experience. Mobile E-Commerce is rising and owning a mobile-friendly website must improve sales.
  4. Product Details – Every E-commerce website must add a proper product description. Also, include relevant content and keywords to generate the search.  Giving all product-related information with transparency increases trust among online buyers.
  5. Product Rating, Review, & User Comment Having authentic product reviews and ratings will create positivism in the eyes of the customers. However, many times’ online shop owners think that if the site has negative product feedback it may lose customers. On the contrary, it is quite the opposite of it, as users will find the Website genuine. It will boost selling online.
    Product Rating, Review, & User Comment
  6. Size Guides & Color Options  Clarity and consciousness are the key attributes to seek potential shoppers’ attention.Size Guides & Color Options
  7. Special Offers – It includes daily deals and offers. Deal of the Day will have a more productive call to action and result in purchases. Special discounts, coupons, vouchers, etc. are included in this category. Special Offers will raise the level of website traffic as consumers lean towards the sale.
    Special Offers
  8. Add to Wish List – The Wish Lists allows shoppers to add products in favorite category and save them for future purchases. This gives an opportunity to the site owner to know more about the user.Add to Wish List
  9. Find in Store  Store Finder is remarkably helpful for local stores to promote their brand online. Customers are likely to visit the store. According to the sources, 72% shoppers prefer to research online before actually shopping in local stores. So, to gain instant satisfaction and encourage sales it is vital to have a Find in Store feature.Find in Store
  10. 360 Degree Product View – Just like product description, even product view improves sales. Giving a 360° Product view like Zoom in and out with specific area details provides customers with a clear picture of the product.
    360 Degree Product View
  11. FAQ (frequently asked questions) The shoppers who find E-commerce websites reliable are likely to shop more quickly. Yes, that’s right! Appending FAQs will help your potential buyers to obtain relevant information.
  12. Social Proof – People who are visiting the site and like the website on its Social Media Accounts return to buy more. Users prefer to share products that they like, using a social sharing button. It will boost cross-selling and upselling of the brand.
  13. Security Features – All websites should add this security feature to avoid cybercrime and protect users’ privacy. Lock the website with secure HTTPS and gain SSL Certification. A secured payment gateway is what a smart buyer looks for, these days.
  14. Advance Payment Options – The first thing a user wants is a safer online payment transaction mode. With a variety of secure payment options, it will generate a convenient shopping experience.
    Advance Payment Options
  15. Multi-Touched Contact Page – To target high-end consumers and seek their attention it is necessary to have a multi-touched contact page. Adding email, phone number, and Google Maps on the site’s contact page. Create online appointments and focus on building their trust in your business.
  16. Shipment Information  Give Detailed Shipment Information to generate productivity. Keep it light and simple for users to understand the terms and conditions. Consumers spend 20 to 30% more if shipping is free. However, you can also utilize UHF RFID readers to track your products…
  17. Return Policy An easy return policy will help to gain the confidence and assurance of the buyers. If the consumer finds your return policy easy they’ll purchase again and again which will lead to the progress of your site. Nowadays the website offers quick Exchange of goods and a trouble-free return of the Damage Product.Return Policy
  18. Live Chat Option – The website’s customer care executive will solve all the queries regarding the products. Customers call to track their order or to return the product. The Live Chat feature will enable a flawless user experience.
    Live Chat Option
  19. Social Media Links – The website must have all the social media accounts linked, in order to receive traffic. It improves the reliability and trustworthiness of the site.
    Social Media Links

With ample full of spectacular opportunities in owning your eCommerce Website. Adding these features will raise your standard online. If you are a newbie to enter the online stores market segment, then contact us. We will guide you and fulfill your dream to build the best eCommerce Website.


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