8 Fascinating Live-streaming Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

The unique Live-Streaming techniques are benchmarking with engaging strategies for B2B Brands.
Yes, that’s right! The Live-streaming is the ultimate ingredient to building the B2B brand. Whether Hybrid brands or local Business needs opportunities to boost their brands. Streaming video is a powerful tool to hold your audience’s attention. In 2017, 81.3% of B2B companies expect to invest in building their brand strategies. Wherein, the 14% of marketers increase their brand’s online presence with Live Video. Whereas, 43% plan to use interactive video in their social media strategies. In 2016, Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram become immense popular video streaming platforms. These video streaming platforms have raised the level of expectations.

8 Innovative Ways to Use Live Streaming for B2B Brands


Let us unmask the innovative methods to Live-Stream for B2B Brands.

1.Enlighten Your Customer with Pre-recorded Product Video

Yes, explain your customers the ordering system -process thoroughly with pre-recording video demonstrations. Sadly, Live Chat has become an old school technique. Live – Stream is gaining immense popularity. Brands can implement multiple strategies to boost their campaigns.

  • Host Event.
  • Product demonstration.
  • Live Q&A session.
  • Behind-the-scenes Industry Conference or Events.
  • Highlight sneak peeks and teaser videos.

Live Streaming Video

The Live-Streaming connect with customers, colleagues, and clients. Definitely, Live- Streaming has multiple benefits and brands should use this platform to grow insight.

2. Live-Stream builds customer satisfaction

Did you ever think that this entertaining application feature could help you connect with your customer?  Say Goodbye to those poor live chats and annoying wordy emails. Now achieve customer loyalty in a lenient way.

Live-Stream builds customer satisfaction

You can solve your customer’s queries and complaints direct by connecting with through Live-Stream. Remember, customer satisfaction is vital to gain brand loyalty.

3.Real-Time Beta Testing

With Live-Stream, Brands can now get real-time feedback on new products or services. You can connect with the testers, bring in new shareholders or crowd funding for your brand.

Real-Time Beta Testing

4.Live-stream on Social Media

Marketers, now forget those complex slideshow presentations and tedious photo updates. Try Live-Stream and blend real-time video content into your social media strategy to engage followers. If planned accurately, Live-Stream is the perfect approach to connecting with your customers.

Live-stream on Social Media

5. Get Noticed & Stay Connected

Did you know conducting the interactive live-stream grants your brand an influential reputation? Yes, Webinars is an opportunity to stay connected with the audiences and influencers of the industry.

Business Live Stream

Web-based seminars, presentation, lecture, or workshops are highly valuable to create your social influence.
For Instance, Nokia 8 & Nokia 3310 launch over live streaming.

6.Live-Stream Social Media App

Live-Stream Social Media App

7. Drive-in Brand Engagement

Brands should present sign up for seminars with the help of newsletter or emails. It is a good way to figure out what your viewers likes or dislikes. Inform your customers about the Latest Trends, Conferences Inside Videos, and Expo Events. It will have an appealing effect on the audiences. Remember, better connectivity drive-in better equation with customers.

Drive-in Brand Engagement

8. Add Engaging Content in Live-Stream

Is your brand craving for a high conversion rate?

With live streaming now, you can increase your sales by displaying the behind-the-scenes tour of in-store sales or event. You can give online tutorials or DIY (Do It Yourself Videos) sessions of your product to engage customers. Sparkle your campaign with attention-seeking content.
If your conversion rate is dipping, then invest in the live-stream video right now.

Add Engaging Content in Live-Stream

The brand-building challenges are boundless, but opportunities are rising. The Live-Stream is here to dominate the digital marketing spree.

We would like to hear your thoughts about Live-Streaming videos and stay connected with Sassy Infotech Blog for more such latest social media updates.

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