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5# New Instagram Tricks That Are Worth Your Time

Instagram is rolling out wonderful tools for its users. The year 2016 has been amazing for the Instagram addicts as one after another as new tools got released. Although, it seems like Instagram follows Snapchat, as it adds new live video function.

Yes, that is right! This Facebook-owned app includes a notification for a user if anyone else takes a screenshot of your DM (Direct Message). These features have enhanced the quality of this application for sure. Instagram is becoming a headline grabber with these latest monthly updates.

Wondering, how it will help your brand page? Look at these features to grow your brand.

  5 New Instagram Features To Improve Your Brand

1.Zoom Feature – This is an absolute basic feature that was added much later by the company. Now buyers can have a clear look at the product. Brands can include a high-resolution picture with the product description. It is the simple pinch to zoom and keep the fingers on the screen. Then release to zoom-out.


2. Save Drafts – Pick the image, edit, and click back. Then select “Save Draft” to save it for later use. You can reopen the image and make changes or caption to share. To discard old drafts, go to the profile page, tap on Manage in the Draft section > Edit > Select the draft > Discard Post, and approve.

3.Story tricks – Brands can use this feature to create their brand story or give behind-the-scenes making of their products. This feature that got launched on 10th Nov 2016 includes stories and toggle. The Boomerang tool is on the feed page, swipe right from the feed to use a toggle to Boomerang. There is option “Capture a burst” that loops the images. It also allows users’ to Tag other users’ and mentions them in the caption. The user or a group will receive a notification in the DM.

4. Unique Feature of Disappearing Photo & Video Messages – The Self-destructing message is a new feature on Instagram. The app introduced Stories, which will disappear in 24 hours. To use this feature, the users just need to swipe right into the camera to capture. Then click the arrow button to send the message to a user or group. The user can also send private messages.

5. Live Video –To go live, users should slide right from a feed. You can view how several users are watching your video. Now users can achieve incredible live video experience. You can interact with your customers through live chat. Broadcast the tutorials for your target audience to boost engagements. The application is revamping iOS app to get benefits of iPhone 7 camera. Instagram is all set to add new filters and GIF features for iOS users.

On one side, Snapchat has 100 million users, and on another side, Instagram has over 600 Million users. Now this will give Instagram more frequency of users updating the app. It will also create a buzz for brands, who want to grow their business online. For this, the brand needs to make an effective strategy for Instagram users. Create a new story, and hit your online presence.

Start building your brand on Instagram right now!


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