8 Content Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Brand in 2017

In the year 2017, there are ample of fresh chances, unique marketing approaches and opportunities to acquire new avenues. And Believe us, Creative Content is the Present & Future of Marketing. Content Marketing has changed drastically over the past several years, and it continues to flourish encompassing with new trends and techniques. Since centuries, Brands have been staying connected with their customers by telling enchanting stories.

Wondering, what exactly is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategic approach that creates value for the brand in the eyes’ of the customers.

Today, 80% of the marketers use Content Marketing to indulge customers with vibrant content.
Mark my words, as alluring customers, can be impossible without a prompt content marketing strategy.
Let us guide you in producing a brilliant content marketing tactics to achieve value for your brand.

8 New Rules to Make Content Marketing Cool, Efficient and Viral.

1.Content Marketing Plan

It all begins with a perfect plan to conquer the world with remarkable Content marketing strategies.  Know your audience, plan out the concept well. Draft an outline and write strategically taking into consideration of the subject facts, authenticity and relevancy. Understand and build fundamental tactics to win the core audience. 75% of internet content are shareable so select the apt social media channel to determine strategic flow.  Plan consistency in content and have a fresh approach to drive-in audience interest. Manage to grab your audience’s attention with strong conversation. Always motivate the readers. Listen to their demands and analyze the next big strategy. Does it satisfy your inner urge or it is infuriating? When all is in perfect position, then measure your reach and growth.

Content Marketing Plan

2.Data-Driven Insight

The Big data and research feasibly rule the minds and hearts of the readers. Ensure to thoroughly research, data, facts, and figures before publishing the content on the web. Understand the competitive strategy and produce striking content. Remember, Great content invites, Great Insight!

Data Driven Insights For Content Marketing

3.High-Quality Copy

Undoubtedly, Quality is the key that accomplishes all your goals. Brainstorm the basic idea and create a customer centric device, which boosts your traffic.  Always ensure better quality copy than quantity content. In recent times, marketers produce a large amount of word count content that might just go useless as the visitors don’t read it completely.

Quality Content Writing

  1. Say No to Tacky Sales Languages. Produce Unique Quality Content & Track your Word Count.
  2. Go Promote the Sale Safari– Observe the customer habits, understand their concern problems as this will help you design the campaign of your content accurately.
    Content Marketing Pyramid
  3. Make the Customer Successful – Make it Real & Add Actionable Advice.
  4. The Best type of Content to create– Understand the segment to create a better copy.
  5. Research & Analyze – Find out the insight! Apply effective content format.
  6. Go with the Flow– Know the Latest Trends, Techniques and determine the audience segment.
  7. Content Audit– Learn, Write, Test & Engage- Be Clear & Concise!
  8. Highlight Core Values
  9. Call to Action (CTA)–   Keep it casual and Build Trust.Call to Action In Content Writing
  10. Write something that you are Proud of.- Never Settle for Less.

4.Unique Content & Style     

The content must be creative with a mixture of consistent style, strong foundational skills, and credibility. Whether writing for long form or short and crisp slogans. The write up should allure your audience significantly.A good headline does 80% of the trick! The secret to grabbing viewers attention is to create a catchy phrase, sentence or just ask questions.
How- To topics
Do you
Can you
Is the
Best of [Category or Type]
Breaking News
(Video) Revealed Secrets of (Subject)

Remember, Juicy Headlines achieve a good number of clicks. Whereas, adding numbers in the headlines directly strengthen the title’s reliability in the search engines. Call it an old-school method, but this indeed works. Make sure to do Proofreading and Copyediting of the content.
Always do an A/B Testing. For instance,
The ABC Ultra-thin USB Flash Drive efficiently stores plenty of files.
The ABC Ultra-thin Stylish USB Flash Drive does the majority of your work, giving you extra space and time to catch up the presentation efficiently.

5.High Octane Content Marketing Tactics

Today, 71 % of Marketers uses Paid Advertising and organic social media posts as content promotion tactics. Visual content has become essential. Creating consistent and high-quality content is the main principle of marketing. Original content builds trust to captivate your audience. The community of fans on the social media accounts enables achieving and converting audiences into customers.

High Octane Content Marketing Tactics

6.Content Marketing Platforms

SEO Content Marketing- Because Google Matters! To become an influencer use popular keywords in your content and improve the search engine rankings.
Social Media Content Marketing- Your Audience is the Key to achieving lucrative solutions.
Articles- produces 74% of Effectiveness.
Infographics- Content marketers should present a visually impeccable Content to drive-in masses.
Videos- 87% of Marketers uses Video in Content as it Improves Conversion Rates.
White Papers- Become the best brand and impress your clients.
Blog- Connect with the world.
Whatever medium you choose to publish your content altogether, have a Friendly approach in writing and be generous!

Content Marketing Platforms

7. Strategically, Boost Content Marketing

Social Media is an essential part of content marketing that focuses on generating and distributing valuable measures. To increase sales, redefine apt strategies.
.Define your objective
.Specify details
.Schedule the content publishing date
.Measure Results

Content delivers growth, substance, and revenue to the Business.

Don’t just post on the brand’s social media accounts, engage visitors! Ensure to produce an actionable content marketing strategy. Obviously, high- shared articles have good engagement and better reach.

Strategically boost content marketing

8.Measure Success of Content
Analyze the Key Performance of the content, page visit, likes, Bounce Rate and Click-through Rates. Recheck the Audit of your content promptly using the CMS.

Measure Success of content

Content Success Metric
.Lead Generation

Measure its utility.  Achieve Milestone and Create Brand Awareness!

Don’t just curate, but diversify your content. If you apply these proven methods, your content will continue to bloom in the Market Segment.
For more latest updates on Content Marketing, stay tuned to this space! And If you wish to Amp up your Content Marketing Strategy and Build Brand Story, contact us.

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