A Must to Learn Universal Language: Coding

Today, the world is rapidly moving towards digitalization and Coding. These are the developers sitting in a cubical controlling the technological  development and digitalization in an organization or world.

Coding from basic to advance has become a parameter for any career in an individual professional path. In the 21st century, the best primary language to learn for children is coding. Fresh graduates and learning children have started building the skills of coding to meet the demand of the corporate.

As per the statistics by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the overall number of employees of digital designers and web developers is expected to grow by 23 percent by 2031. It is a much faster rate when compared to the average of other occupations

There is a block coding technique available for elementary school children. It is a fun and intuitive way of learning key coding concepts. Apart from this, courses for text coding are available for AP level children to prepare themselves for college or a better professional career.

The crucial skills that a child develops from learning a computer programming language are:

1) Problem Solving Ability

2) Time Management

3) Logical Thinking

4) Critical Thinking

5) Analytical Thinking and much more

A child who can dream and express can easily be a developer or coder.

The digital era has warmly welcomed humans. The human race will create the next big idea and attract money. The median annual wage of coding professionals is double that of any other non-coding professionals.

The coding opportunities that will be in huge demand are:
1) Computer Programmer
2) Database Architect
3) Database Administrator
4) Website Designer and Developer
5) Computer Programmer
6) Computer Network Architect
7) Software Developer
8) Computer and Information Research Scientist
9) Data Scientist
10) Data Engineer and much more

Brain Development via Coding

As per the finding by researchers, learning coding activates five distinct regions of the brain in the left hemisphere that is responsible for the activities related to language and speech. The activation helps in seeking language attention, processing, and working memory.Also check for: Free SVG Icons

In case you are new to the term ‘Working Memory’; then it is a cognitive function that distracts an individual from their action. If activated, it can help to execute functions and solve critical problems. Thus, researchers conclude that the brain’s learning process gets enhanced by learning to code.

Learning to code also helps to develop and boost the parts of the brain responsible for problem solving and cognitive skills. As per the research, it strengthens the neural pathway similar to repetitive physical movements that build muscle memory. The research on software engineers resulted in super cognitive alertness and execution.
The aptitude for maths of the brain can also be improved by coding. That is because it facilitates the coder to quickly assess the data.

For example, when a developer starts coding, they usually start with the coding concept that they have learns or used earlier. The outcome of the code is then evaluated to make necessary addition, modification, or correction to achieve the desired output.

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