Benefits of using GitHub

An aspiring engineer or an IT professional at least once had a goal to become a developer, where they can solve a problem or ease an individual life. But just because of lack of opportunity as fresher, practical knowledge, improper guidance, or numerous tutorials land them in different roles or professions. GitHub Repositories play a crucial role in grooming aspiring individuals toward the path of software development or career advancement.

But as there are a lot of GitHub depositories, we have researched and help from the GitHub community; below is the narrowed down list for you.

1) DevOps Exercises: If you are looking for a career as a DevOps Engineer, it will help you to learn the concepts available in the GitHub repositories. The repositories consist of varieties of questions and exercises related to SRE topics and technical DevOps.

2) Preparation Guide for SRE Interview: One-stop repository where you can find resources for preparing for an interview as SRE (Site Reliability Engineer). The resources are useful and can help you to take a few steps forward in cracking an interview.

3) Project Based Learning: A perfect place for software development to find the list of programming tutorials that help create an application from zero. The tutorials are sorted in various primary programming languages for easy search and quick start. The tutorials may have multiple languages and technologies.

4) The System Design Primer: An art of designing a system that can be scalable is a characteristic of a great engineer.
System Design, in itself, is a vast topic. There are a lot of resources related to the principles of System Design available on the web.
Instead, the available resources in GitHub Repository are well organized the can help to find and learn the principles and build scalable systems.

5) Sysadmin Interview Questions: There you can find the collections of interview questions for DevOps and Linux System Administrator.

6) Developer Roadmap: A wonderful community, Developer Roadmap works towards creating roadmaps, tutorials, and educational content to motivate and mentor the developers in their learning path toward excellency.
The contents, roadmaps, and guides help an aspiring individual to excel in the field of Software Development and Career Advancement.

7) Test Your Sysadmin Skills: You can test your current skill sets and knowledge in various fields with a wide range of questions and answers related to the Linux Sysadmin.

8) Every Programmer Should Know: A gathering of most of the technical aspects and resources that a software developer should know.

9) Coding Interview University: A study plan of a complete computer science course to be a software engineer

10) Frontend Dev Bookmarks: Manually collected and well sorted resources for a frontend web developer.

Above are the best GitHub depositories having wonderful and useful resources to reduce the gap between yourself and your goal to be a developer. Be focused, practice, and stay connected with the community and experts for exponential career advancement and growth.

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