Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

We all know how vital a website stands for any business or brand. Its growth is reliable on how effective the website is. Does the website interest potential customers? Does the website is attractive at the same time user-friendly? Is the website shown on the first page of the google search? And moreover, is the website responsive while giving the best user experience. Let’s understand the two terms, Web Design and Web Development and find out what’s the difference between both. Many a time, people interchangeably use the terms “web development” and “web designing”, thinking that both the term means the same. Ideally, both the terms are way too different from each other and has a great demand for both the roles in the web industry.

Speaking about the website designing service, it’s the most prominent word used among the professionals in the web industry. And the person who is a champ in website designing is referred to as a web designer. He is the person who has a great set of skills to enhance a website or any business. The key roles of a web designer is to give a brand new look to the website, make the necessary tweaks; create it visually attractive and user-friendly as well.

Whereas, the Web Developer is a person who works in the back-end, striving to create the website responsive and user-friendly for a great user experience. A web developer is the person who puts in his skills, ensuring that the website functions in the most dynamic way, just like the designer has thought it should be. A Web developer is exquisitely brilliant when it comes to CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, and other programming languages and all the designing files to life.

These both the terms go hand in hand while building a website. The first person who comes into the picture is the web designer. It’s a web designer’s job to understand the requirements and objectives of the clients. A website will only benefit the client when it is made in the most creative and superior way in this competitive world. With the help of several designing principles, the designer creates a pleasing layout for excellent user experience.

After the layout is showing a green signal by the client, here is when a web developer (programmer) pitches to take the further in charge. The developer uses his skills and adds life to those designs that is created by the designer. The developer makes sure that each work is done with detailed finishing, mostly they work with HTML or incorporate programming languages such as PHP to develop the various website pages.

The web developers have the ability to renovate a static layout into a dynamic website. They use elements like the most relevant and clear image, content, active buttons and links. And when everything is all set in its place, functioning in the most perfect way, this is how a developer shows magic on screen.

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