Facts And Statistics For Digital Marketing In 2022

Everything is going online, and so are the traditional businesses too. The exponential growth of internet users has made business owners adopt digitalization. Are you planning for a digital marketing campaign for the business? Then consider these facts and statistics that an ideal digital marketing company should plan in 2022.

1) Strategy for SEO

The search engine is where 93% of overall interaction takes place. Resulting in the importance of online marketing company in Surat, Mumbai, or anywhere globally to invest and practice SEO accurately. The more precise SEO, high are the chances to rank higher on Google or any other search engine result page. The higher the ranking on a search engine, the better will be the visibility and advertisement of the product and service, resulting in a high count in traffic or leads.

Every second, there are around 77,000 searches on Google. It means that only Google has a great potential to give you genuine leads. So, the higher the ranking on Google, the website will be displayed on the first page of SERP will receive maximum organic traffic.

An important way to increase the website’s ranking is to have high-quality and engaging content. It has proved to build trust among the visitors and a great conversion.

2) Email Marketing

As per the data published by Statista, the total number of emails sent and received per day was 281 billion. It is assumed to reach 347 billion per day in the year 2022. Few business owners feel email marketing isn’t an effective method to reach audiences. But the average opening rate of the welcome email is around 82%. The open rate in email marketing is vital.

Click-through rate or CTR is directly proportional to the open rate of email. The engagement will increase with the opening rate and the subscription.

In order to increase engagement with the users, personalized emails are six times more effective than non-personalized or standard emails. On average, 49% of people check their email over their smartphone. Thus, ensuring the email marketing is screen size friendly and user friendly.

3) Statistics for SMM (Social Media Marketing)

More than 3.2 billion users are active every day on social media platforms. Adopting social media marketing for your business can help you reach huge audiences. More than 95% of the leads generated by sales representatives are through various social media platforms.

An individual spends around 142 minutes on an average per day on social media. The sales team should learn the changing behavior of customers for fruitful returns.

A digital marketing agency in Surat, Mumbai, or anywhere globally has a team of professional digital marketers. They are experienced and trained to understand the clients’ business and plan their digital marketing for minimum ROI (return of investment). A digital marketing company will always ensure that its team is updated with the latest technology, techniques, tools, strategies, and much more to offer an incredible ROI from its digital marketing strategy.

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