How to recover your hacked Magento Store?

E-commerce Development has revolutionized the 21st century with its modern technologies and innovative ideas. However, an e-commerce store needs to have high-tech security systems, which have more than one layer of security and protection. The Magento store nowadays hosts a lot of e-commerce events. It has got a very good reputation in the market because of its top quality performance, its stable approach and best quality services.

So, it is needless to say that hackers and crackers all around the world are trying to find any kind of loophole or weak points in the armor of Magento and if they find any such vulnerability, then it can be said without any doubt that they will take advantage. So, the Magento needs to have the best possible security systems, so that the hackers and the crackers can be kept at bay. So, now let’s concentrate on how to add more layers to the store’s security and how to restore your hacked Magento.

Signs of a hacked Magento store

If there is a blacklist warning served by the SEO guidelines then you should look into the matter. Again, if the customers report certain abnormal activities by credit cards, then also something may be wrong. There should not be any disturbance or abnormality on the checkout page or in the order and sales. There should not be any sort of spam regarding the keywords or if you notice any sort of problems in the files and folders, you should investigate. Any sort of up gradations or changes should be looked into. If there’s any trace of any unknown user then, you should certainly investigate the matter. The faster you act the faster you will be able to recover your hacked Magento store.

Scanning your Magento store

One of the best tools that you can use for scanning your Magento store is This amazing fire tool will help you to scan for bugs in your Magento. Apart from this, there’s also the feature that has been added to this tool which helps you to assess your Magento store’s security system and in turn reports you about the cracks that are present in your Magento store’s defensive armour. Apart from the above-mentioned tool, there’s also the security scanner and the Sucuri free website malware.

Checking of Google Transparency Report

Obviously, Google will send you a blacklist warning in the name of your Magento store if it finds anything suspicious with your store. So, you need to visit the Google Transparency Report site more than often and see for yourself what is the condition of your Magento store’s security system and if your store is safe or not. Timely action will help you to recover your hacked Magento store

Comparison of your Magento store’s files

You need to check all your Magento store’s files and folders daily to see if there are any unknown or unwanted files or folders that are present in your store. To check all the files and folders’ authenticity you need to compare them with Magento store’s core files. This can be done by typing the diff command using the terminal SSH. Even if you don’t know the command, then please go through the command from the internet. Besides this, there’s also the diff manager software which can be downloaded for Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems. In this way, you can also recover your hacked Magento store.

Keep a watch over your data tables

If you want your Magento store spam then you need to keep a vigilant watch over all the data tables that are present in your Magento database. You should always be looking for an unknown data record or any sort of hidden link. The hackers and the crackers generally prefer to target the header and the footer of the core_config_data_table. So, you should check these areas constantly.

Securing your administrator account

Your admin account is perhaps the most important thing for your Magento store. It is advisable that you should not keep more than one admin account. If the hacker or the cracker gets a chance at the admin account, he or she could absolutely ruin your Magento store. So, if you want to recover your hacked Magento store or even better if want to save it, you have to change the normal pathway of access to your admin account from the XML Configuration file. This will give your admin account a single IP address and also you should be going for a static IP address rather than a dynamic IP address, which changes from time to time hence there’s a greater chance that the hacker may get hold of it.

Use the latest Magento version

It is very important that you use the latest Magento version because the latest versions also consist of the latest security features. With the latest version all your templates, files, and plugins are modified and upgraded. Also, having the latest version helps you to recover your hacked Magento store.

Secured connectivity

One should always go for the safest connections while using a Magento store and the SFTP connection is a great choice. Also, you can always go for the HTYP connection because it provides another layer of security to the Magento store. SSL connection is also a good choice.

Need for backups

Always remember to have a backup of your entire database of the Magento store. If the hacker or cracker gets through your walls of security then you might have to delete all the files and folders. Also, if your hacker destroys everything then you will have the backup at least and you will be able to recover your hacked Magento store.

Thus, the above-written article concentrates on the various dangers that a Magento store constantly faces from outside sources and the various ways in which we can protect our Magento store. The article also describes how you can recover your hacked Magento store.


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