HTTP vs. HTTPS: Which is Better & Why Should Brands Care?

If your website has less traffic and low business, then this is a warning sign. It is time to better switch to more secure protocol. As Google recently announced, to help users gain safe experience on the web, Chrome browser has added a connection security icon in the address bar. Previously, the browser did not label ‘HTTP’ as a non-secure element. In the upcoming year 2017, Chrome will upgrade its new version of Chrome 56. This new version will mark all HTTP web pages that collect passwords for non-secure sites.

Google’s announcement also stated that HTTPS would affect the ranking factors. Those who have the website with HTTP can consider their sites as an unsafe.

http vs https

Are you wondering, what is HTTPS & how does it affect your Business?

  • HTTP– Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a primary protocol. It provides a set of rules and standards govern how the information is transmits on the World Wide Web.
  • HTTPS– HTTP intercepts with a third party (SSL) to encrypt data between the systems (dedicated servers and browser). Here the ‘S’ stands for secure, this results in encrypted communications. It is generally used to secure data from servers end to browser pages.


Now, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a primary protocol developed with the ability to secure, and safe transactions over the internet. It makes data safer for the ecommerce site who accepts online payments.


Did you know that, when you load a web page over HTTP, someone else is already getting the look of your site?

Yes, that is right! Several intruders look at composite behaviors to recognize your user’s information. HTTPS not only protect the integrity of the website but also provides security to users.

HTTPS is becoming popular, as several websites have already transferred their sites protocol. It will help the website to generate web traffic as Google considers the website with HTTPS as a safe site. Make sure to get the website’s valid certificate and build a secure connection. It is vital to take a certification of HTTPS. It helps to save customer information like credit card numbers or passwords. Customers will have more trust on the website, and this will result in better purchases. Having a secure site will result in an increasing your website traffic generation.

If you have not switched yet to HTTPS then it is the right time to decide.

The future of web is in your hands, switch to HTTPS and make your website secured.

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