Mobile search is the new priority for Google

Having a Non-Mobile Friendly Website? Then you’re missing out on Google traffic already.

The latest trends suggest that Google is rapidly changing its priorities from Desktop to Mobile index search consoles. Google is ramping for a massive shift and separate the indexes for Mobile and Desktop. A Google Webmaster Trends analyst Gary Ilyes, spilled the beans of the upcoming change, told that the dual-index approach is due to be implemented in the next few months.


This was meant to happen with the rising popularity of Mobile suffering. Now the site owners need to rethink their strategies as having a responsive website is no longer an option. Desktop search results are outdated and time consuming. Gradually, the Mobile search index is taking over the old school Desktop index. A mobile search console is the next evolution that brings in the fastest, better and easy search-friendly results. For ranking, Google will run a new set of algorithms as it crawls the Mobile index sites can automatically discover the Web Pages to fetch through Google-bot. Undoubtedly, Google is leaving no stone unturned to create a primary mobile search.

Interestingly, the latest finding conducted by Google suggests that 80% of the consumers search via their Smartphone. Mobile search results from an indirect calls to action and leads to purchases. Indeed, Mobile apps are the new frontiers. Generally, the user gets frustrated when they can’t see a mobile-friendly site.

Though Google still haven’t revealed any features yet but, this could be vital for UX website activities.

What to implement?
• Improve the value mobile experience.
• Implement Better Quality Content.
• Increase Page Speed and multitasking ability.
• Local Search.
• Apps for Mobiles.

These implementations increase engagements and reach.

Technology is always growing as it keeps the business professionals upright on their toes. With these findings, it is cumulate to state that Mobile search will become a paramount for the businesses. Refresh your content applied strategies with distinct SEO improvements that boost website ranking. Give the user a freshly baked content that will rejuvenate their taste buds. Smart marketers are already using optimized mobile websites. This is indeed a logical next step for the company to push the mobile search. Stay tuned for latest updates on Mobile search index.

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