Protect your business from the deadly Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)

An infectious disease COVID-19 (Corona Virus) disease has affected and taken the lives of many human beings. Wuhan city, the industrial and commercial centre of China registered the first case of this deadly virus. Many people within China and across the globe had visited the city for business purpose. Unknowingly they came in contact with the individuals who were unaware of being affected by this virus. When these individuals returned to their respective cities or countries, they unintentionally took the virus along with them. The fast-spreading of this deadly virus from person-to-person worsens the situation of the individuals and businesses, resulting in lockdown and downfall of the global economy. As per the information shared by the consultants, marketers, and SEO company, there has been a fall in the website traffic. The lack of website visitors is reflected in the allocated budget for the traditional and digital marketing of a company.

The GDP (Gross Domestic Process) of the world in the year 2020 was expected to reach around 2.5%, which has fallen to 2.0% as per the published report of McKinsey. As there is no medical cure of this virus and the exponential growth in the number of cases, it is expected that the effect on the businesses will last until the first quarter of the 2020-21 financial year. But in Q2, the consumer market will likely start strengthening up and be back to normal.

┬áCOVID-19’s Impact

Coronavirus has created a great pandemic in Europe and many other continents which are breaking the record on a daily basis in terms of ability to respirate and death.

Spreading wildly and widely, the government of many countries has announced lockdown. This means that all public places or non-essential services such as cinemas, public events, sports, schools, colleges, shopping malls, retail shops, and much more will be closed. In addition to this, people are supposed to lock themselves into their homes and avoid any kind of gathering. Thus, this virus has already affected many businesses and going to increase the loss of day-by-day. The industries which are badly hit by this virus are tourism, hotels, airlines, and much more.

Coronavirus, born in the land of China, the businesses dealing in Chinese related products are going to be affected and face numerous challenges. The luxury segment in the consumer industry will observe a steep fall in demand; whereas the daily necessary consumer products segment won’t face many issues.

Is your business getting affected by this Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease?

The industries in online work will not be much affected by this deadly virus. The web designing, website development, e-commerce, and many more industries are still active and serving the customers because there is no physical contact required and can be worked remotely. Many businesses are now boosting their digital marketing strategies with the help of SEO company to get maximum visibility as the only online business is still active in this worst global slowdown and many users due to lockdown.

An SEO company helps any business to sell their products or services through digital marketing or even simply create a digital presence. Even the giant Google is emailing the owners of the websites or businesses and informing if they wish to know whether this virus has infected the website or business.

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