How to Set Smart Social Media Goals For Business Growth

Every business nowadays is present on numerous social media platforms and working hard to get the right return on investment (ROI) from marketing. Social Media Marketing is one of the best platforms of Digital Marketing which can help to get more clicks, reaches, engagement, traffics, leads and much more for the evaluation of ROI. Nevertheless, the wrong or improper tool can make you feel that these tasks are much more challenging.

As per a survey conducted by eConsultancy, there are around 41% of businesses are unaware of how can social media marketing helps them to get fruitful returns.

Social Media Monthly User

Then, why are so many brands or businesses unable to measure their business growth against the financial investment in social media? Improper goal setting is one of the major reasons behind this problem.

While working on social media strategy, one should have a crystal clear understanding of how a particular result will be reached. Whereas an unclear and improper social media goals will mislead your social media presence and degrade the performance of social media strategy.

In the alone United States, spending on social media marketing has increased from 7.52 Billion USD to 17.34 Billion USD from 2014 to 2019, respectively. However, all this investment will provide high returns for the goal set in the short or long run.

 The two primary steps which you have to consider when planning a social media strategy for your business are

 1) The goal should be strategically be implemented which can be used to evaluate periodically

2) Creating great engaging content

Check out the common 10 mistakes which you should avoid in your social media marketing and ensure that your social media strategy are executed parallelly with the on-going business growth strategies.

The points which you need to focus while designing social media strategies are

1) Target Audience

2) Creative ways to post content

3) Focus on Detailing

4) Long term vision

Addressing all the above points will help you to get a clear picture and set an accurate social media goal for your brand or business.


1) Understand your foremost objective

The social media objective and goal should be related to each other but both can be different. The main objective gives you clarity and proper direction to your social media marketing and the path to achieve it. 

Irrespectively of the type of industry, clear objective and working towards your aim will surely be paid.

When your objective is strongly established, the social media goal will become your path to reach your main objective. The social media goals should be short and specific, which can be achieved timely to reach the broader objective as these small details help to lead and reach success.

 SMM objective

2) Social Media goals should be set SMARTly

It is said that follow the teaching of scholars instead of their actions to get success in your life. Similarly, to achieve any goal in your life, you should follow the tested and proven framework to get the best result with SMART efforts.

The SMART framework states:

S – Specific: Define the goal and be crystal clear for the best outcome

M – Measurable: The effort made to achieve the goal should be traceable and measurable

A – Achievable: Is the targeted goal achievable or too far from reach?

R – Realistic: The goal should be realistic and practical to achieve with the help of available resources.

T – Time Sensitive: Irrespective of the short or long duration, your goal should have a specific time frame for completion.

Social Media goals


3) Audit your Social Media accounts

It is important to understand your present strength before deciding the social media goals or else the marketing can turn out to be inefficient and weak. The followings procedures need to be executed regularly to check your social media marketing efficiency:

a) Note down the social media network(s) where you are active

b) Keep the information on social media account updated

c) Ensure all the content and images are updated and relevant

d) Maintain consistency on all the platforms

e) Understand your brand follower’s demographics

f) Understand the entire posting process and analyzing the area of improvement

g) Research on the posts with maximum likes, shares or engagements

h) Manage an in-depth audit and keep following your competitors too

 Social Media Audit

4) Maintain the Right Metrics

Maintaining the appropriate and right metrics for your social media marketing goal to understand what is helping you to boost the engagements and pulling back.

Have a close watch on the likes, shares, comments, followers, and much more to know your audience activity on various social media platforms

 Social Metrics Matrix

5) Create a content strategy for your Social Media Marketing

Till now, we have discussed how to create our social media objectives and goals but in this section, we will understand how to take the first step toward the social media marketing strategy.

Any social media expert will ensure that each post is informative and creative enough to impress and attract readers. If the content of the post doesn’t match the requirement of the audience then you can’t get any conversion. The content should be so designed that the reader will tempt to read, get engage and share the posts within his or her network. 

The main aim behind creating a creative and informative post is to keep a hold on existing readers, allow them to share within their social circle and create a ripple effect to reach out to the maximum target audience.

Social Media Content Strategy

These are some of the important parameters that one much considers for their business while setting social media goals. Outsourcing to the best SMO service provider can help you to reach the goal set for your social media marketing by designing in-depth options like:

6) Setting Objectives and Key Results for your social media

7) The necessary goals to set for your social media presence

8) Get maximum conversion from social media platforms

9) Exponentially growing and maintaining the traffic on the website

10) Generating successful leads for business growth.


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