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Top 10 mistakes to avoid in Social Media Marketing


Wondering why all your social media practicing are failing to generate a lead? Avoid doing these mistakes that will cause a failure of social media marketing strategy.

Here are the Top 10 mistakes that should be avoided to improve your marketing plan.

No Social Media Plan – Without a plan targeting your audience is quite impossible and achieving those organizational goals is a vagabond. Before approaching clients test your campaign strategies, upgrade with trends and gather resources. Build brand awareness, reputation, improvise sales tactics, and measure results.

Wrong Content Strategy – The biggest mistake in your social media marketing approach would be to use worthless content tactics. Quality content directly leads to ROI and builds a relationship with customers. Unique content can create impactful engagement and reliability. Remember it all starts with content.

No lead generation strategy – It is a lifeline of any company which manages brands. Branding creates a platform to generate lead, reach and satisfied customers. Lead generation plays a vital role in growing marketing revenues.

Spamming – Still posting irrelevant links? Mark my words these tactics do not result in favoritism as Google crawls and index them. Spamming will cost you. Instead, enable sharing and promoting your brand socially that will indirectly boost the rankings.

Fake Followers – Fake engagements won’t provide better Business. This method will create a false reputation of the brand in the eyes of the users. Try out organic methods to achieve active users and followers.

Lack of Presentation – Creativity is the spice of life and lack of creative presentation can ruin your image. Build goodwill in marketing approach that enables you to boost an impactful campaign. A visually better presentation includes images, videos, podcast, and info-graphics which will help the brand to increase reach.

Lack of creativity – Social media plan which lacks creativity directly lacks conversation with consumers. Create a top notch creative plan that indirectly creates a call of action.

Ignoring data – Every click, read, new follower counts and tracking down their record is also equally important. Keeping a track of these changes enables the organization to know the difference between the target and goals achieved.

Not spending wisely – Ignoring SEO won’t help, creating a balance of nature is important and same goes for social media marketing plan. SEO & SMO goes hand-in-hand together to accomplish better results.

Not watching your competitors – If you’re avoiding the competitor analysis then you’re creating a bit of howler that will affect your Business. Brainstorm and analyze the strategies that are working for them. Then customize their plan of action to target your audience.

Simply avoid these mistakes to reach and achieve the best social media practices.

Is your social media campaign also lacking results? Then do write to us, we are happy to help.

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