Top 12 PPC Trends for 2019

2018 was an eventful year for PPC marketing. With the latest updated PPC trends that are focussed on Audiences and automation, one can strategize their PPC campaigns based upon your business goals and improve their ad conversions.2018 was an eventful year for PPC marketing. With the latest updated PPC trends that are focussed on Audiences and automation, one can strategize their Amazon PPC campaigns based upon your business goals and improve their ad conversions.

Here is the list of top 12 PPC Trends for 2019 that you must follow:

1. Change in the Google updates

Google has updated close variants in their words. The marketers will not be having queries that will perfectly match the keywords. User behaviour and intent are given more importance and the google ads are also becoming less significant keywords wise.

2. Smart bidding

With the passing of years, smart bidding is a strategy for which you will be needing machine learning. That way, optimize conversions are done in auctions. Target CPA, Enhanced CPC and Maximise conversions are also done. They will gradually grow in 2019 and the Google ads account manager will focus on more creative areas of their work, analytics, and strategy.

3. Google Responsive Search ads and its premiere

Google Responsive Search Ads allows you to create several descriptions and headlines. You can create as much as four descriptions and 15 headlines with it. Various combinations can also be done with it, to perform a particular exclusive set for the users. You can add reporting features too in as much as 10 languages. The marketers would utilize this tool to a great extent in 2019.

4. Voice search

Smart speakers and personal assistants are also provided for like 5 years ago, which is for science fiction. From 2019, one can see mainstream paid voice search advertising. PPC marketers can also adopt various strategies that will help in increasing the voice search. Online content can also be adapted which can become conversational. These can be used in voice searches. Keywords and ad copy can also be made possible for voice searches.

5. Visual search

They are the actual picture, where you can search for the query instead of the text. You can easily know the results of the exact brand that way. Major advances can also be seen in the technology field, with a go-to search app in the visual field. People these days are so lazy, that they do not even wish to type and it has become archaic. The PPC businesses and marketers create a picture catalog to increase the rise of visual search. Even the data is added to the pictures itself.

6. The video is dominating

The video has ruled the market in 2018 and they are expected to rule in 2019. Even play buttons are also increasing. YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in 2018 and the video dominating revenue will increase a lot this year. Snapchat and Twitter-based videos will also rapidly increase.

7. Audience search will increase

Facebook, Google and other platforms of using personal data will also increase. You can create your own target audience to show your ad and it will increase accordingly. Several advanced audience targeting settings will be enhanced in 2019. Linked In is also providing targeted ads especially for the B2B customers.

8. LinkedIn ads are slashing prices

B2B marketing is gradually increasing day by day. Various upgrades are also provided in the algorithm itself. If your audience is super targeted, it will improve your ad campaign too. Even the premium price for 2019 will see a hike. You will get a lot like a return for your investment in the ad campaign.

9. Personalization

You can customize your customer’s journey. Push notifications and customized emails are also made. Open rates are also given. If you provide push notifications, it will even add to the marketing of the company. Customers usually yearn for this type of personal touch. Brand building will even help to connect properly with the customers.

10. Collaborative filtering system

This system is highly recommended for everyone’s shares and preferences. People having similar tastes and preferences can choose their issue properly. Site visitors can also be segregated according to location, interests, and age. It will show according to the location of your IP address. Trending topics and recently liked articles helps to show a different type of contents too. It can also be customized according to the site visitors.

11. Amazon as a threat

After Google and Facebook, Amazon is given a lot of preference by the visitors. Amazon has now become a fast growing advertiser. Amazon shares its own ads too. Online retailers found them very attractive. Amazon shares their own ads too. It has strong buyer intent too. The ads are so attractive, that people immediately feel drawn towards it and wishes to buy it. One can access a large audience through it whereas, on Facebook and Google, people might not wish to buy it.

12. Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are also implemented in online marketing. Irrelevant ads are disliked by the audiences and they really get sick and tired of them. Ad blockers are used by people a lot since 2018 and it will rapidly grow in 2019 too. In almost all Google devices, people can mute ads. Repeat ads can also be stopped or reduced to a huge extent. Control to users is also given to a huge extent and in the various sphere. They can easily see which brands are exactly targeting them and big technology companies are also a part of it.

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