Google Thrives Local SEO with Clever Emoji Trick!

Imagine A Wordless Search Result On Google.

A new era of emoji might change the online presences of small businesses, as Google learns to a new language to boost Local SEO. Recently, Google has launched its #KnowNearby campaign by adding the hashtag in the tweets. Google is responding the Twitter users on their emoji tweets with relevant search results of GIF and link to the dedicated page. With each response, Google is promoting the campaign using the hashtag.

According to the latest report, “Google’s Twitter account will respond to more than 200 different emojis, including a few Easter eggs.”

Yes, that is right! When most of the application development biggies were doing Live Stream, Google thought of going local the way.

As Google has learned how to speak emoji, this would be a good reason to encourage more tweets.

For instance, if a user tweets including @Google a Pizza emoji, then the search firm will respond with a link to a Google search for Pizzas in your location.

Well, if the user tweets a dollar emoji then, the response will be with a money exchange rates.

Fantastic, isn’t it? Google’s this local guide helps to explore the nearby place in a more convenient manner.

The clever piece of trick will improve the local search result in a fun-loving approach. Ample of users have tried and tested this unique method of the wordless search.

Therefore, if you are looking out for an appealing mode of search then playing with Emojis is quite fascinating. By implementing emotions on your social media account, brands can gain traffic. It is the right time to think and reach the nearby audience.

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2 thoughts on “Google Thrives Local SEO with Clever Emoji Trick!

  1. Emma Mcclellansays

    I really like this concept! This teases what else Google’s technology can bring to third-party platforms such as Twitter, whatever else it does it is fun for everyone being able to use their favourite smileys. As reported by CNET, the Google account supports “about 200” different emoji. Some of these emoji aren’t associated with local search results, but are instead “easter eggs” that users can discover. For example, users can tweet the football emoji to the Google account to receive a link to view National Football League scores.

  2. Glance Creative Ltdsays

    Intresting read, A good insight into what Google’s technology will bring to third-party platforms. A really fun approach to improving local search results for sure!


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