How to Boost your Business Locators & Generate Revenue?

Are you Surprised by not earning the expected revenue for your Business? Getting high Traffic on your website, but No Sales? Wondering, what went wrong? Boost your Business and take control of your online presence today!

You are not alone, as major A-lister Brands become blind and forget to make the minor changes in their websites location page, which tracks their location.A regular review and updates are important to convert on the KPIs. Transform your lead to achieve successful online and offline shopping experience.


7# Ways to Generate Sales Using your Store Locators


1.Locators are Revenue Generators

View your locator as the revenue generator for your Business. Your store locator should provide the accurate location that attracts customers to your physical shop.
For instance, Brand-ABC offers minimal information about their store location range on the website then, even if the visitor’s view, the site there will be no call to action. The website should have the proper address, contact details, and call to action that direct to the in-stores.

Locators are Revenue Generators

Remember, the goal is to drive revenue not just traffic to your location pages.

2.Optimize for Mobile Locally

Your biggest mistake is ignoring optimizing for Local Mobile. On an average, 80% of the consumers search via their smartphone.

Mobile Map

Brand should include a Map location so, that customers can conveniently find their physical stores.

Pizza hut Geo location

Optimize for Mobile Locally

Convenience is the King!
In particular, McDonald’s is the famous fast food restaurant chain with multiple locations worldwide. McDonald’s have added their chain of restaurants locations for customers to easily access.

Mcdonalds map location

Even Westin restaurant Mumbai has the convenient store locator for customers to find their physical location.

Westin restaurant Mumbai

Adding the Nearby Location Search in your location page will increase your Business profits for sure.

3.Power of the Location Detection

Get location detector and auto-complete function on your business website. Your viewers should find the nearby location. The location detection technology enables visitors with the appropriate store locator. There is automatic technology, which tracks visitors’ exact location. The Automatic location finder will detect the visitor’s location and assist them in discovering the nearby stores.

macdonalds nearby store

select your location

4.Verticals Needs

Today, a Business website should offer more than just the NAP [Name, Address, Phone Number] citation. The business wishing to rank their website on the local search engines in an organic way might need to enhance their site more specifically.

For instance, Consumer who is searching for Hospital or Health Care Centre will also require the detail information about the specialized physicians, book an appointment, treatment procedure or insurance coverage details.

Verticals Needs


Healthcare center should add ratings, patient’s reviews, and relevant in-store information to become successful.

ratings & reviews


Make your patients aware of the seminars or events. Use the correct strategies in location data that transforms as an asset for the audience.


Use Fake to analyze fake reviews on Amazon or Yelp product listings.

5. Consider the Efficient Filters

In the era of demonetization, make your customers experience new map functionality that detects “ATM nearby my location with cash“.

ATM nearby my location with cash


Fascinating, isn’t it? Location attribute continues to rise, and filters are the convenient mode to convince your consumers to find stores.

6. Ratings in Locator Results

Authentic reviews and ratings are vital to boost your physical store sales.
Yes, that’s absolutely right! Having authentic guest ratings feature in the filter will improve your website’s reputation in the visitor’s eyes. Consider your customer’s opinions as the priority and embrace their ideas, suggestions or any complaints.



7.Manage Multiple Locators

Multiple locators help to manage unlimited numbers of the stores. Using a scaled-back locator would bring instant results to seek your audience attention. You can add the Geolocation API, Google Maps, Driving direction to the stores, and search by radius options for users to find the nearby location of your business.

Map Location


8.Locators Convenient for Customers

Professionals companies have specific requirements. Keep it convenient for users to access all this information.
For instance, if the directories help to search the physicians by their name and address, then consumers can easily find doctors in the unique directories. Keeping the details of multiple locations under one roof will assist to track their locations.

Advance Search Results


In this ever-changing digital landscape, omnichannel search enables building a better relationship with the customers. Include the AIDA [Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action formula to quicker your search results. Remember, to redefine strategies that improve your business revenue in a long time. The power is in your hands to local revenue. Don’t blink and miss the opportunities, contact Sassy Infotech Today to improve search your Business locally.

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