Using Google Assistant And Google Search App on Android and iPhone

Google Assistant Features

Who doesn’t like an assistant? Someone who would follow us, take notes, make sure that everything in our life is in order and above all, get into action and execute our brilliant ideas. Earlier only people with high-end jobs and busy lives get assistants. Now-a-days in smartphone era, everyone gets their own personal assistant such as Google Assistant And Google Search App . Perplexed? Here everything about a virtual assistant you need to know.

What is Google Assistant?

what is google assistant?

  • Google Assistant is a new age method of Google searches
  • Using your phone, Google Assistant engages into a conversation with you and helps you to complete your tasks
  • Currently, it can perform basic tasks such as playing music, setting an alarm, doing a search on the internet
  • Answers general questions
  • It taps into the search engine across the internet to find accurate results to your more complex questions
  • Google Assistant combines search and task completion
  • Google Assistant succeeds in answering different questions
  • It also controls a large variety of actions on your phone.

Who  Gets Google Assistant?

who gets google assistant?

  • Google Assistant is not a downloadable app It is inbuilt in all phones running on Android 6 and 7
  • All phones that use Google Play Services
  • Users using English or German in their phones

How To Use Google Assistant?

How to get google Assistant?

  • Long press the home button or the home icon on an Android smartphone
  • Google Assistant will then ask you to voice command your query
  • Another cool way to use Google Assistant is asking your question followed by saying ‘Okay Google’

What’s the Google app?

  • Google app is an app that provides faster access to Google Search
  • Users can toggle between current and upcoming events
  • Google app is freely downloadable on iPhones and preinstalled in Android phones.
  • Searching with the Google Search bar widget
  • Google Search Bar widget is the large search box that is preinstalled on Android phones
  • Outcome from Google Search Bar Widget will be seen in the widget instead of the browser

Screen search — formerly ‘Google on Tap’

  • Once you have activated Google Assistant it will read the information on the mobile screen and provide you with helpful information
  • Provides quick access to certain types of information

Google Assistant Instance


Google assistant examples Google Assistant watch

Google via Chrome & Safari

  • Google Chrome is pre-installed on most Android phones
  • Conduct Google search using the search bars
  • Type or speak your query into the search bar
  • iOS users can use the preinstalled browser Safari to gain access to Google search instead of Google Chrome
  • Safari is the primary search engine for iOS phones
  • iOS users have the option to install Google Chrome on their phones and access the Google Search just like an Android phone.


Take a Look at Some Cool Images for More Information on Google Assistant

Google Assistant Examples





Google Assistant Alarm

Google Assistant Example
Google Assistant Screenshots

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