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How to build a WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin

How to build a WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin


There are several types of payment gateways in the WooCommerce. Some of them are form-based, iframe-based, direct and offline. But, whatever may be the type of payment gateway, every now and then we need a specific plugin known as the WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin which will bring certain new features to the different payment gateways of the WooCommerce. Now, before you try to create a WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin, you should know exactly what you are trying to do and what your plan is. Whatever type of payment gateway plugin you want to create it must bring something new to the WooCommerce. That is why we will discuss how you can create a WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin in the most effective and efficient manner.



Creating a class for your plugin


It is very much important and also essential that you create a class inside your newly built WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin once the plugins are all loaded. A class inside a plugin helps in the extension of the base class of the WooCommerce and also it gives you the accessibility to the important methods and also to the API settings. If want to see your WooCommerce Gateway class you can always see through the API Docs. Apart from this, you have to notify the WooCommerce that you have defined a class for them and you can do this filtering the various WooCommerce_Payment_Gateways. Inside the class, you should define certain variables which are going to donate the unique id, an URL for an image, bool, title of payment and lastly the description of payment. The constructor which you will be using in your programming should also be defining and loading and lastly saving certain settings.


Upgradation of order and status


The up gradation of a WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin is also very important. For this, all you have to do is create certain functions defining the new order or status which you want for your WooCommerce. The functions should be called within the class.


Advanced Gateway Plugin

If you are looking to create an advanced gateway plugin, you may need to create a few functions such as payment_fields(), which contains the details of your credit cards, validate_fields() which sees whether the form has passed the validation or not and also the wc_add_notice() which sees whether you wish to add an error and whether you want it to be displayed.


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