The Journey of Social Media Marketing

The first thing which comes to your mind for marketing any products or services is social media. Social media platforms have successfully attracted the huge crowd from various locations, gender, age group and much more. Social media marketing has helped the company can reach its target audiences, generate leads and increase the return of investment from the marketing.

The best social media marketing strategy and result can be assured when you understand the social media platform and be able to connect authentically with the audience regarding your product or service. A daily planner app can greatly enhance productivity and organization by making daily plans for marketing strategies. Other than creating brand awareness, the company also generates genuine leads and obtains high ROI compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Let’s understand how and when social media and marketing on social media became a part of our society.

In 1978, Ward Christensen and Randy Seuss documented the first social media channel which was a computerized Bulletin Board System. The idea was triggered and implemented by MySpace.

The Palace took 16 years to introduce itself as a social media platform in the year 1994. Interestingly, this invention is still LIVE where you can create your avatar graphically, join a chat room server and start chatting.

The launch of was declared in the year 1997. Just after three years from the launch of The Palace, this got official recognition as a social media platform. This is because a user was able to upload pictures, connect with users outside his or her network and make friends.

It was fun for the users to post images for other users to see and message one another.The hierarchy concept is apparent in most platforms today, including YouTube, which offers youtube tv promo code .

At this stage, people were able to share their views about the brand or suggest solutions, but it was limited within their network. There was not a proper channel to market their brand, attract the audiences, get insights and much more.

The launch of LunarStorm gave birth to modern social media. This was the initial social networking website which was financed by ads. The strategy turned out to be a cherry on the cake. The total members of LunarStorm reached 1.2 million by the year 2007 with teenagers. Unfortunately, in 2010 it got shut down.

Later, many developers came up with creative ideas and to get their share from the advertisement. Many such platforms are introduced for sharing photos, videos, and much more.

Marketers at this stage were able to see the potential to reach their target audience and the scope of social media marketing. The year 2006 was a turning point for marketers from traditional marketing techniques to social media marketing techniques.

When Google took over Youtube and Twitter and Facebook joined the race, it was a clear announcement of considering social media seriously. The fast growth of Facebook made it the third most visited website on the internet.

Twitter, on another side, didn’t grow as fast as Facebook but was successful to remove all the boundaries. This is where a single post can draw the attention of millions of users worldwide instead of limiting the reach within your network.

The exponential increase in the internet and social media users these days have convinced the marketers to consider social media as one of their marketing strategies. Companies are now even hiring a social media marketing agency to hand their social media promotions and other related activities. The best agency will help you to make a social media marketing strategy which can understand the purpose of marketing and provide the solution like branding, lead generation, competitor analysis, customer acquisition and retention and much more. The best social media marketer can ensure a high return on investment with a cheaper marketing budget compared to traditional marketing methods.

The growth of social media platforms has not been limited to Facebook and Twitter but has expanded to various other platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and much more.

Currently, influencer marketing is in the peak where they have lots of social media followings. Companies approach such influencers and they combine their style with the company’s product or service and recommend it to their followers.

The advanced marketing tools developed by the social media platforms help you to target the specific audiences, and get more genuine leads instead of reaching out to the audiences who are not interested in your product or service.

You can check for the best social media marketing agency who can understand your requirement, suggest the best channel to promote your product or service and other related optimization. This will not only reduce your costing from traditional marketing methods but will also provide a high return on investment.

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