Worldwide Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO Etiquette

In this ever-changing landscape of SEO trends, ranking factors plays a crucial feature. Unfortunately, Black Hat SEO is ruling the search engines with force-fed ugly tricks. As Google regularly updates their ranking algorithms, website owners those who are trying to improve the website’s rankings sometimes follow vicious Black Hat SEO tactics. The illegal Black Hat SEO techniques include Crooked Website, SERP Spam, Paid Links, Link Manipulation, Content Scams, and Website Over-Optimization.

However, the rankings will initially rise but the website will have to face penalties and banishment with these unethical practices.

Fortunately, using the White Hat SEO Techniques will save your website from negative practices.

In today’s competitive scenario, the keyword analysis, quality link building, best writing content for human readers and smart Search Engine Optimization strategies reach the pedestal where rankings hit the SERPs level.

Let’s take a closer look using the wider lens to understand, which Search Engine Optimization practices are killing your website.

Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO- Do’s And Don’ts


If you have an unquenchable thirst to boost SEO Rankings, then stop using forbidden Black Hat SEO techniques. Yes, utilizing White Hat SEO Techniques will help you to earn high-quality traffic, and increase rankings. Go responsive to implement mobile-friendly website traits. Move ahead with Mobile search, but don’t forget your friendly local search engines. Make your website super fast, create impactful social media presence, and produce excellence content.

Remember, quality trumps quantity! So use high quality and long tail keywords in link building techniques. Keep in mind that Google trust and ranks the safe hyperlink transfer protocols, so switch to secure HTTPS. Attract viewers on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo search, and Baidu. In addition, the Golden Rule is to follow Google’s Algorithm updates to increase the volume of inbound links.

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